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Story behind this food blog

It wasn’t until I was 29 (a few years) back that I took a step back and stopped eating animal products and since then, food has become a big passion of mine. My knowledge of food is fairly vast as I spent many years in the food hospitality business.

In fact, one of my guilty pleasures is watching ludicrous amount of food programs which would lead as the main contributor to my knowledge. I would say that 90% of things I knew were around animal products. However, now that I am 100% plantbased, I had a thought:

What was stopping all of my knowledge of flavours with food being transferred into vegan dishes? The answer was simply; nothing.

Meat substitues are a subject talked about between some vegans and meat-eaters. This is because they ask, “Why do you have food that taste like meat or call it the same thing?”. The answer to this is simple; Because people like me gave up animal products to stop the suffering of animals and not because of the taste of it, which is making it a lot easier and more inclusive for people to try new dishes that doesn’t include animal products.

Most non-vegans have the natural thought of plantbased food tasting bland or that it only consists of lettuce, cabbage and other veggies”, which is far from the truth and it is thereby my hope to show everyone what plantbased food truly taste and be can be like. I have found a new passion for making plantbased food taste as anything else you’ve been used to – whether you are a vegan or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photographic equipment that I usually use

Camera: Canon 5D III
Lens: 50mm f / 1.2L, 85mm f / 1.2L, 24 ~ 70mm f / 2.8L
Post-production: Lightroom / Photoshop
Mobile: iPhone 11

How to start as a food blogger?

I will come back to you with this question once I’ve learned everything myself, haha.

What are the plans for the future (with food and blogging)?

I’d love to create my own recipe book in the future, but for now I am happy just being in the kitchen creating recipes, following my passion and share that with the readers of this blog.

Wanna know more? Check out the FAQ page.

The best part of my recipes is that most of them are simple and can be done by anyone.

Stevie Kerr

Thank you for reading

For me, the key is buying fresh produce and having an extensive larder, as spices, herbs and sauces can elevate your dishes to another level. The best part of my recipes is that most of them are simple and can be done by anyone. I am not trying to be fancy by making my recipes look to a restaurant-standard, as the point of this space, is for you to be able to make home-cooking both healthy, tasty and simple.

Thank you for reading & welcome to Vegan Boards!


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